872 area code

This area code serves the city of Chicago in Illinois (IL), USA.

The area code 872 has been in service since 07 November 2009 and is part of two overlay area code complexes: 312/872 and 773/872 (overlapping area codes cover the same geographical area).

It is currently 03:23:01 PM in area code 872 (Central Time).

872 Area Code Phone Lookup


Map of area code 872

Map of area code 872
Map of area code 872

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you’re probably always looking location map, cities, time zone, overlay codes, reverse phone lookup and related info. Well, one easy way to do that is by knowing your nearby area codes. That way, you don’t have to fumble through your phone’s keypad each time you want to make a call. Plus, it can come in handy when trying to find out where someone is calling from. So without further ado, here are the area codes for some of the most popular U.S. cities!

List of 872-NXX Prefixes and Corresponding Locations

We all know our location by its name and zip code, but do you know your city’s postal prefix? Chances are, unless you work for the post office or are extremely interested in the subject matter, you don’t. But prefixes play a critical role in how mail is sorted and delivered, so it’s important to be aware of them. This blog post will take a closer look at what prefixes are and their corresponding locations. Stay tuned!

Are you curious about the prefixes and corresponding locations of the area code 872? This infographic is a great place to start. It provides an overview of 872 area code, including its name, prefixes and date. The infographic also includes a map that shows the location of each area code. this guide is sure to come in handy. Enjoy!

NPANXXArea servedDate
872-201Chicago Zone 0710/16/2009
872-202Chicago Zone 011/11/2012
872-203Chicago Zone 022/10/2012
872-204Chicago Zone 0811/23/2015
872-205Chicago Zone 062/23/2012
872-206Chicago Zone 043/27/2012
872-207Chicago Zone 089/21/2012
872-208Chicago Zone 026/25/2012
872-209Chicago Zone 089/28/2012
872-210Chicago Zone 044/18/2013
872-212Chicago Zone 077/8/2011
872-213Chicago Zone 02
872-214Chicago Zone 064/18/2013
872-215Chicago Zone 072/19/2013
872-216Chicago Zone 022/25/2010
872-218Chicago Zone 065/24/2013
872-219Chicago Zone 0711/23/2015
872-220Chicago Zone 035/18/2011
872-221Chicago Zone 095/14/2010
872-222Chicago Zone 038/7/2009
872-223Chicago Zone 034/21/2011
872-225Chicago Zone 019/7/2011
872-226Chicago Zone 037/19/2011
872-227Chicago Zone 036/26/2013
872-228Chicago Zone 0912/28/2009
872-229Chicago Zone 083/17/2014
872-230Chicago Zone 036/13/2011
872-231Chicago Zone 0512/23/2015
872-232Chicago Zone 036/15/2011
872-233Chicago Zone 046/20/2011
872-234Chicago Zone 106/27/2013
872-235Chicago Zone 026/26/2013
872-236Chicago Zone 086/28/2013
872-237Chicago Zone 037/27/2011
872-238Chicago Zone 086/28/2013
872-239Chicago Zone 066/3/2013
872-240Chicago Zone 032/11/2013
872-241Chicago Zone 028/15/2014
872-242Chicago Zone 047/1/2014
872-243Chicago Zone 036/26/2013
872-244Chicago Zone 077/1/2011
872-245Chicago Zone 041/24/2019
872-246Chicago Zone 062/13/2019
872-247Chicago Zone 071/7/2010
872-248Chicago Zone 085/23/2019
872-249Chicago Zone 019/12/2019
872-250Chicago Zone 0111/4/2019
872-251Chicago Zone 083/17/2014
872-252Chicago Zone 083/17/2014
872-253Chicago Zone 0811/20/2012
872-254Chicago Zone 085/15/2014
872-255Chicago Zone 0411/29/2019
872-256Chicago Zone 055/5/2014
872-257Chicago Zone 0512/12/2019
872-258Chicago Zone 011/8/2020
872-259Chicago Zone 011/9/2020
872-260Chicago Zone 011/9/2020
872-261Chicago Zone 103/13/2020
872-262Chicago Zone 093/19/2020
872-263Chicago Zone 015/14/2020
872-264Chicago Zone 015/18/2020
872-265Chicago Zone 106/8/2020
872-266Chicago Zone 088/22/2017
872-267Chicago Zone 0810/7/2014
872-268Chicago Zone 018/11/2020
872-269Chicago Zone 088/26/2020
872-270Chicago Zone 011/8/2021
872-271Chicago Zone 03
872-272Chicago Zone 049/9/2020
872-273Chicago Zone 039/17/2020
872-274Chicago Zone 0410/2/2020
872-275Chicago Zone 0110/21/2020
872-276Chicago Zone 069/30/2014
872-277Chicago Zone 0510/26/2020
872-278Chicago Zone 013/31/2020
872-279Chicago Zone 011/18/2021
872-280Chicago Zone 043/30/2021
872-281Chicago Zone 0610/6/2014
872-282Chicago Zone 014/16/2020
872-283Chicago Zone 073/30/2021
872-284Chicago Zone 055/19/2021
872-285Chicago Zone 087/14/2021
872-286Chicago Zone 097/28/2021
872-287Chicago Zone 038/3/2021
872-288Chicago Zone 019/10/2021
872-289Chicago Zone 019/20/2021
872-290Chicago Zone 109/27/2021
872-291Chicago Zone 089/29/2021
872-292Chicago Zone 109/29/2021
872-293Chicago Zone 0310/11/2021
872-294Chicago Zone 0410/11/2021
872-295Chicago Zone 0310/28/2021
872-296Chicago Zone 0310/28/2021
872-297Chicago Zone 0711/4/2021
872-298Chicago Zone 0111/4/2021
872-301Chicago Zone 104/18/2013
872-302Chicago Zone 023/13/2015
872-303Chicago Zone 075/24/2013
872-304Chicago Zone 0312/23/2015
872-305Chicago Zone 035/24/2013
872-307Chicago Zone 085/15/2014
872-308Chicago Zone 065/22/2015
872-310Chicago Zone 027/12/2016
872-315Chicago Zone 047/21/2015
872-333Chicago Zone 038/20/2010
872-336Chicago Zone 0110/28/2021
872-345Chicago Zone 011/4/2021
872-348Chicago Zone 0810/11/2017
872-356Chicago Zone 104/11/2013
872-362Chicago Zone 057/14/2020
872-365Chicago Zone 025/2/2017
872-395Chicago Zone 107/1/2011
872-400Chicago Zone 0312/22/2010
872-401Chicago Zone 07
872-444Chicago Zone 0611/9/2010
872-465Chicago Zone 0711/19/2012
872-469Chicago Zone 03
872-484Chicago Zone 036/30/2011
872-529Chicago Zone 0212/4/2013
872-588Chicago Zone 048/12/2010
872-600Chicago Zone 033/14/2011
872-639Chicago Zone 074/11/2013
872-664Chicago Zone 014/8/2021
872-666Chicago Zone 0911/9/2010
872-678Chicago Zone 112/23/2021
872-701Chicago Zone 0810/7/2013
872-702Chicago Zone 102/15/2013
872-703Chicago Zone 1010/7/2013
872-704Chicago Zone 081/16/2014
872-706Chicago Zone 083/17/2014
872-707Chicago Zone 083/17/2014
872-710Chicago Zone 019/17/2019
872-713Chicago Zone 044/25/2014
872-724Chicago Zone 0710/23/2015
872-731Chicago Zone 0710/13/2014
872-732Chicago Zone 081/19/2021
872-757Chicago Zone 077/13/2016
872-758Chicago Zone 107/14/2020
872-760Chicago Zone 107/26/2016
872-762Chicago Zone 067/27/2016
872-763Chicago Zone 067/22/2016
872-766Chicago Zone 017/14/2020
872-769Chicago Zone 067/21/2016
872-772Chicago Zone 0412/28/2015
872-777Chicago Zone 079/14/2010
872-800Chicago Zone 035/2/2011
872-801Chicago Zone 085/1/2013
872-802Chicago Zone 049/30/2013
872-803Chicago Zone 105/1/2013
872-804Chicago Zone 029/8/2016
872-806Chicago Zone 029/30/2013
872-808Chicago Zone 049/30/2013
872-810Chicago Zone 026/12/2015
872-813Chicago Zone 059/17/2014
872-814Chicago Zone 0410/3/2014
872-817Chicago Zone 049/30/2014
872-818Chicago Zone 0710/22/2014
872-825Chicago Zone 0112/18/2009
872-829Chicago Zone 0411/19/2012
872-835Chicago Zone 015/27/2021
872-838Chicago Zone 0511/1/2017
872-843Chicago Zone 044/7/2016
872-870Chicago Zone 096/6/2017
872-871Chicago Zone 0110/15/2021
872-873Chicago Zone 115/28/2020
872-877Chicago Zone 042/4/2021
872-888Chicago Zone 029/15/2010
872-895Chicago Zone 018/28/2020
872-899Chicago Zone 018/18/2021
872-901Chicago Zone 0710/21/2014
872-903Chicago Zone 093/30/2015
872-904Chicago Zone 077/21/2015
872-910Chicago Zone 013/17/2021
872-946Chicago Zone 0310/28/2021
872-985Chicago Zone 022/13/2015
872-999Chicago Zone 0212/21/2012
  • The NPA refers to the Numbering Plan Area (area code) and the NXX refers to the central office code.
  • The rate center is listed under ‘Area served’. A rate center is the geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes in the North American Numbering Plan. NPA-NXX are generally associated with a locality, but are not always the only one offering services.
  • Assignment date. Exchange codes assigned prior to 2001 do not display a date.

List of Cities in Area Code 872

Looking to find out what cities are in your area code 872? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of major cities and their corresponding area codes. Whether you’re looking to relocate or just curious, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

So without further ado, let’s get started! We’ve compiled a list of every city in the 872 area code with the corresponding phone number. We hope you find this information helpful!

Chicago (downtown area)CookC
  1. Area code 872 is served by most, but rarely all, of these places in the table above. A city or town with the same name is listed only when there are multiple locations in the same state. City names that have over 50,000 people are bolded.
  2. Time is in Central Standard Time (currently 03:23:01 PM).

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