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TomTom Sat Nav Update

We are the finest GPS device maker in the world. We provide you with an intuitive and safe driving. You reach your destination on time safely with our GPS devices. They offer you the best experience for every vehicle. Our company understands the importance of providing great customer service, TomTom sat-nav update is released regularly for exactly this reason. You get routes, address, traffic & weather updates. You will need a computer or a WiFi network for updating the device. We also offer new software updates to our users.

With new software updates, you get

  • Landmark navigation: Newly updated landmarks for intuitive navigation.
  • Live Traffic: Always be ahead of the slow traffic and jams.
  • New features: For better navigational experience.
  • Bugs fixed: Minor glitches and bugs fixes for all devices.
  • Improved performance: Smoother performance and faster route calculations.
TomTom Updates

We recommend all our users to regularly update their devices for making the best experience. Roads and addresses change with the construction work, decreasing the efficiency of the device. Don’t risk your safety and the safety of your loved ones by driving with an outdated map. It can take you to a dead-end road in the middle of no-where.

Map updates are released according to the model of the device. You receive four map updates in a year. Users should update their device at least once a year. Free lifetime map updates are also available for devices. If you don’t know the status of your device, contact us for help.

Update Maps

TomTom Via: Priority Driving

TomTom via is here to take the unknown out of the routes. Enter a destination and, it finds you the best, the most efficient or the fastest routes. You will always arrive at the destination on time safely with traffic updates. The device range comes with various screen sizes, i.e., 4.3-inches, 5-inches and 6-inches. Install a Via range of the device in your favourite vehicle and drive safely for the rest of life.

Updated maps

With the via device range, you will always drive with an updated map. Connect the device with either a computer or a WiFi (for selected models) for updating it. Get changes in the roads, streets, addresses, speed limits with every update.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Take out the last minute guess about which lane to drive with advanced lane guidance. It displays the route in bright arrow. This helps you prepare for the upcoming complex intersections/ junctions. You will never miss any turns.

Software Updates

We are evolving with time and, our satellite technology shows it. Get new features, improved performance, customization with the latest software updates.

Spoken directions

Always keep your eyes on the road and hands behind the wheels with spoken directions. Never miss any street/ address.

Bluetooth Handsfree

Connect the device with Bluetooth and use it for making and receiving calls handsfree.

Various Languages

Choose from 30-different languages according to your likings.

If you are finding it difficult to update the device, contact our GPS experts for help.

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Sat Nav free map updates: Drive worry-free

Roads change about 15% per year on an average. To help our customers be updated with all the changes happening, we release sat nav free map updates every quarter to help all the users drive worry-free.
We also provide ‘latest map guarantee’ for your sat nav. You can download the updates within weeks from purchasing your device.
Go through the steps for getting your free sat nav map updates.

Step 1

Get a USB cable and connect the Sat Nav
First, step is to connect the device using a mini USB cable. Use the cable provided with the device box.

Step 2

Run the software after powering on the device. It will search for the available updates for your device. Click the update you want to download.

Step 3

Unzip the file and transfer the downloaded file to your GPS device.
If you’re having any issues with the sat nav map update, contact our GPS experts.

TomTom One XL update

It is a 4.3-inch screen device with a detailed street-level map of North America, i.e., the USA and Canada. With the TomTom One XL update, you will get 4-map updates in a year. The device includes optional traffic information with the help of RDS-TMC. It helps you in being ahead of the slow traffic and jams.

TomTom One

With large internal storage space and support for an external SD card, you can download updates for new maps and software without deleting the old ones. You will not miss any address/ turn with turn-by-turn voice navigation. It also provides for a safer driving experience, you don’t have to look at the device while driving.

Choose from 30 different languages according to your preference. It has a large database of points of interests ranging from restaurants, hotels to banks and ATMs. You are never far from any emergency services like hospitals, medical stores, police stations. When in need you can reach these places with one-touch.

  • 4.3-inch screen
  • North America map
  • Traffic support
  • POIs
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation
TomTom One XL update

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