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Update TomTom Maps

Update TomTom Maps: For Safe Driving

Update TomTom Maps for safe driving. We encourage all the users to update their GPS device regularly, so you don’t compromise on your and the safety of your loved ones.With our best hardware & software, you will be connected with the satellite in all types of regions. New updates bring to you faster route calculations.

Go on an adventure with the latest updates, we have added new trails, tracks and country paths. Get timely speed alerts for avoiding speed tickets. In this time with modern problems, you require modern solutions. Areas are marked safe and unsafe which you can view by connecting with your smartphone.

TomTom Map Updates: Safe Driving, Clean Technology

We take these words quite seriously. It defines our company’s action to make the world a cleaner place by providing technology to reduce carbon footprint. We manufacture superior GPS devices for every need in every budget range. We build products that are an essential part of your driving.

Roads, streets and addresses are changing faster than before. TomTom map updates are released every quarter to provide you with the best navigational experience. Get the latest updates for driving blissfully. New updates will provide the latest map, new features and improve device performance. We are the industry leaders in GPS device manufacturing. We aim to make the best navigational devices. With our intuitive user-interface, you can drive with the device right out-of-the-box.

To make driving a worry-free experience we publish regular TomTom map updates. Connect the GPS device with either a computer or a secured WiFi network (supported devices) to check for updates.

Safe and Clean technology

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TomTom Software Update: Tracking Pandemic

Our world has changed with the onset of the pandemic. We can’t move and drive without risking our health and safety.

We analyzed traffic movements from the start of the lockdown. We are pushing TomTom Software updates more often to keep all our users informed with rapid changes happening around us. We are sending regular notifications for encouraging all the users to check for software updates. Don’t compromise with your safety.

Update Maps

TomTom GPS Updates: For better driving

TomTom GPS technology provides you with the ability to navigate freely, safely & efficiently. We make GPS devices for every type of vehicle. Whether you drive a small car, an electric vehicle, SUV, Truck, RV or motorcycle we have got you covered. We provide the best intuitive driving technology to always keep you moving. Drive without worrying about getting stuck in the traffic, going to the wrong address or reaching your destination late with TomTom GPS updates. Update your device for easily tracking mileage, getting updates about Live Traffic, local search and weather. Our innovative navigation technology is a perfect companion for your driving.

TomTom GPS

Get the latest TomTom software update for safe driving. Update your device by following the steps:

connect with the computer

Connect with the computer

Connect your GPS device with a computer/ WiFi network. Use either a Windows or a Mac computer and run TomTom MyDrive. It will show you the list of available updates.

download updates

Download Updates

Click on the update which you want to install in your device. Do not disconnect the device during the download process. It can corrupt the device software.

installing updates

Installing Updates

Transfer the downloaded updates to the device. Disconnect and then power on the device. Mount the unit in your favourite car. Now, you are ready to drive with the latest maps.

Check your device's available storage space before trying to update the device. Use an external SD card for installing updates, if the device supports it.

If you are having any issues with the GPS map update, contact our GPS experts.

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