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There are many locations in the state of Nevada (NV) that have a 725 area code, including Las Vegas, Mesquite, Boulder City, .. (see below for a list of cities).

The 725 area code has been in service since 03 June 2014 and is also part of the 702/725 overlay complex (both area codes cover the same geographic area).

The current time in area code 725 (Pacific Time) is 10:12:31 AM.

725 Area Code Phone Lookup


Map of area code 725

Map of area code 725

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you’re probably always looking location map, cities, time zone, overlay codes, reverse phone lookup and related info. Well, one easy way to do that is by knowing your nearby area codes. That way, you don’t have to fumble through your phone’s keypad each time you want to make a call. Plus, it can come in handy when trying to find out where someone is calling from. So without further ado, here are the area codes for some of the most popular U.S. cities!

List of 725-NXX Prefixes and Corresponding Locations

We all know our location by its name and zip code, but do you know your city’s postal prefix? Chances are, unless you work for the post office or are extremely interested in the subject matter, you don’t. But prefixes play a critical role in how mail is sorted and delivered, so it’s important to be aware of them. This blog post will take a closer look at what prefixes are and their corresponding locations. Stay tuned!

Are you curious about the prefixes and corresponding locations of the area code 725? This infographic is a great place to start. It provides an overview of 725 area code, including its name, prefixes and date. The infographic also includes a map that shows the location of each area code. this guide is sure to come in handy. Enjoy!

NPANXXArea servedDate
725-200Las Vegas10/12/2015
725-201Las Vegas5/1/2017
725-202Las Vegas1/25/2018
725-203Las Vegas3/8/2018
725-204Las Vegas5/15/2018
725-205Las Vegas5/18/2018
725-206Las Vegas6/28/2018
725-207Las Vegas9/10/2018
725-209Indian Springs9/27/2018
725-210Las Vegas10/10/2018
725-212Las Vegas10/15/2018
725-213Mount Charleston11/27/2018
725-214Las Vegas12/19/2018
725-215Sandy Valley12/19/2018
725-216Las Vegas12/21/2018
725-218Las Vegas4/11/2019
725-219Las Vegas5/8/2019
725-220Las Vegas5/15/2019
725-221Las Vegas2/7/2017
725-222Las Vegas12/10/2013
725-223Las Vegas2/10/2017
725-224Las Vegas5/15/2019
725-227Las Vegas9/18/2019
725-228Las Vegas10/8/2019
725-229Las Vegas3/24/2020
725-230Las Vegas3/24/2020
725-231Las Vegas3/30/2020
725-232Las Vegas3/31/2020
725-233Las Vegas4/28/2020
725-234Indian Springs5/11/2020
725-235Las Vegas6/5/2020
725-236Las Vegas7/6/2020
725-237Mount Charleston7/13/2020
725-238Las Vegas9/28/2020
725-239Las Vegas10/2/2020
725-240Las Vegas10/23/2020
725-241Las Vegas10/28/2020
725-242Las Vegas12/28/2020
725-243Las Vegas1/11/2021
725-244Las Vegas6/12/2014
725-246Las Vegas3/11/2021
725-247Las Vegas5/10/2021
725-248Las Vegas5/14/2021
725-249Las Vegas7/7/2021
725-250Las Vegas7/7/2021
725-251Las Vegas12/13/2016
725-254Las Vegas7/22/2021
725-255Sandy Valley10/21/2020
725-256Las Vegas8/18/2021
725-257Las Vegas9/14/2020
725-258Las Vegas8/30/2021
725-259Las Vegas8/31/2021
725-260Las Vegas9/16/2021
725-261Las Vegas10/16/2014
725-262Las Vegas10/15/2021
725-263Las Vegas10/22/2021
725-264Las Vegas10/22/2021
725-265Las Vegas10/26/2021
725-266Las Vegas7/5/2016
725-267Las Vegas11/4/2021
725-269Las Vegas11/5/2021
725-277Las Vegas7/9/2020
725-300Las Vegas10/12/2015
725-333Las Vegas12/10/2013
725-334Las Vegas6/7/2021
725-373Las Vegas5/7/2020
725-400Las Vegas12/23/2013
725-433Las Vegas8/10/2021
725-465Las Vegas2/18/2015
725-500Las Vegas3/26/2015
725-502Las Vegas8/20/2014
725-529Las Vegas2/18/2015
725-543Indian Springs3/4/2021
725-567Mount Charleston12/23/2020
725-577Las Vegas1/12/2021
725-590Las Vegas2/26/2015
725-599Las Vegas4/13/2021
725-600Las Vegas6/25/2015
725-605Las Vegas12/13/2016
725-666Las Vegas12/23/2013
725-696Las Vegas1/28/2015
725-699Sandy Valley4/13/2021
725-705Indian Springs10/12/2021
725-710Las Vegas10/24/2019
725-724Las Vegas5/10/2019
725-726Las Vegas9/19/2018
725-735Las Vegas12/24/2018
725-745Mount Charleston10/12/2021
725-772Las Vegas9/28/2021
725-777Las Vegas12/12/2013
725-780Las Vegas6/12/2019
725-799Las Vegas6/19/2015
725-867Las Vegas4/27/2017
725-877Las Vegas2/18/2015
725-888Mount Charleston12/23/2013
725-895Las Vegas5/4/2021
725-899Coyote Springs7/29/2020
725-910Las Vegas4/17/2021
725-933Spirit Mountain7/29/2020
  • NPA stands for Numbering Plan Area (area code), and NXX stands for central office.
  • The rate center is listed under ‘Area served’. The North American Numbering Plan defines a rate center as a geographical area for determining local calling boundaries. An NPA-NXX combination generally serves a locality, often not the only one.
  • Assignation date. Exchange codes assigned before 2001 do not have a date.

List of Cities in Area Code 725

Looking to find out what cities are in your area code 725? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of major cities and their corresponding area codes. Whether you’re looking to relocate or just curious, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

So without further ado, let’s get started! We’ve compiled a list of every city in the 725 area code with the corresponding phone number. We hope you find this information helpful!

Blue DiamondClarkP
Boulder CityClarkP
Cal Nev AriClarkP
Coyote SpringsClarkP
Indian SpringsClarkP
Las VegasClarkP
Nellis AfbClarkP
North Las VegasClarkP
The LakesClarkP
  1. Usually, not all areas with area code 725 are listed in the table above. A place with the same name in more than one state is listed only if it is the largest. Bolded text appears near cities with over 50,000 residents.
  2. Time is now 10:12:31 Pacific Time (currently 10:12:31 AM).

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