952 area code

Area code 952 is in Minnesota (MN), USA and some of the main locations covered are Lakeville, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, .. (jump to city list below).

Since 27 February 2000, area code 952 has been in service.

In the area code 952 (Central Time), it is currently 11:05:20 AM.

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Map of area code 952

Nearby to the 952 Area Codes

you’re probably always looking location map, cities, time zone, overlay codes, reverse phone lookup and related info. Well, one easy way to do that is by knowing your nearby area codes. That way, you don’t have to fumble through your phone’s keypad each time you want to make a call. Plus, it can come in handy when trying to find out where someone is calling from. So without further ado, here are the area codes for some of the most popular U.S. cities!

List of 952-NXX Prefixes and Corresponding Locations

We all know our location by its name and zip code, but do you know your city’s postal prefix? Chances are, unless you work for the post office or are extremely interested in the subject matter, you don’t. But prefixes play a critical role in how mail is sorted and delivered, so it’s important to be aware of them. This blog post will take a closer look at what prefixes are and their corresponding locations. Stay tuned!

Are you curious about the prefixes and corresponding locations of the area code 952 ? This infographic is a great place to start. It provides an overview of 952 area code, including its name, prefixes and date. The infographic also includes a map that shows the location of each area code. this guide is sure to come in handy. Enjoy!

NPANXXArea servedDate
952-200Twin Cities
952-201Twin Cities3/20/2001
952-202Twin Cities12/10/2012
952-203Twin Cities
952-204Twin Cities11/22/2013
952-205Twin Cities4/15/2013
952-206Twin Cities8/25/2017
952-207Twin Cities12/6/2017
952-208Twin Cities1/9/2018
952-209Twin Cities11/8/2018
952-210Twin Cities4/11/2001
952-212Twin Cities5/22/2001
952-214Twin Cities11/12/2018
952-215Twin Cities3/14/2003
952-216Twin Cities
952-217Twin Cities
952-219Twin Cities5/16/2019
952-220Twin Cities7/11/2001
952-221Twin Cities2/13/2002
952-222Twin Cities9/23/2013
952-223Twin Cities
952-224Twin Cities2/25/2002
952-225Twin Cities
952-226Twin Cities
952-227Twin Cities
952-228Twin Cities5/30/2014
952-229Twin Cities
952-230Twin Cities
952-231Twin Cities
952-232Twin Cities
952-233Twin Cities
952-234Twin Cities12/12/2016
952-235Twin Cities
952-236Twin Cities
952-237Twin Cities12/27/2002
952-238Twin Cities
952-239Twin Cities12/17/2001
952-240Twin Cities12/26/2001
952-241Twin Cities
952-242Twin Cities
952-243Twin Cities12/6/2019
952-244Twin Cities
952-245Twin Cities3/25/2020
952-246Twin Cities3/25/2020
952-247Twin Cities
952-248Twin Cities3/4/2021
952-249Twin Cities
952-250Twin Cities3/7/2001
952-251Twin Cities9/17/2021
952-252Twin Cities
952-253Twin Cities
952-255Twin Cities
952-257New Prague8/13/2014
952-258Twin Cities
952-259Twin Cities
952-260Twin Cities11/17/2015
952-261Twin Cities2/5/2001
952-270Twin Cities10/11/2001
952-277Twin Cities
952-278Twin Cities
952-279Twin Cities
952-283Twin Cities
952-285Twin Cities
952-288Twin Cities3/7/2006
952-290New Prague
952-292Twin Cities
952-294Twin Cities
952-297Twin Cities
952-300Twin Cities1/20/2011
952-303Twin Cities8/30/2006
952-314Twin Cities
952-322Twin Cities
952-324Twin Cities
952-333Twin Cities3/19/2015
952-334Twin Cities1/10/2003
952-345Twin Cities
952-346Twin Cities
952-351Twin Cities
952-352Twin Cities
952-353Twin Cities
952-356Twin Cities
952-358Twin Cities
952-361Twin Cities
952-365Twin Cities
952-367Twin Cities
952-368Twin Cities
952-374Twin Cities
952-377Twin Cities
952-378Twin Cities
952-380Twin Cities
952-381Twin Cities
952-388Twin Cities11/1/2006
952-392Twin Cities
952-393Twin Cities
952-394Twin Cities
952-395Twin Cities11/13/2020
952-400Twin Cities
952-401Twin Cities
952-402Twin Cities
952-403Twin Cities
952-404Twin Cities
952-405Twin Cities
952-406Twin Cities
952-412Twin Cities
952-417Twin Cities
952-423Twin Cities
952-426Twin Cities
952-428Twin Cities4/2/2008
952-430Twin Cities
952-431Twin Cities
952-432Twin Cities
952-435Twin Cities
952-440Twin Cities
952-442Twin Cities
952-443Twin Cities
952-444Twin Cities4/20/2015
952-445Twin Cities
952-446Twin Cities
952-447Twin Cities
952-448Twin Cities
952-449Twin Cities
952-451Twin Cities
952-452Twin Cities
952-454Twin Cities
952-456Twin Cities
952-457Twin Cities
952-460Twin Cities
952-461Twin Cities
952-463Twin Cities
952-465Twin Cities9/10/2002
952-466Twin Cities
952-469Twin Cities
952-470Twin Cities
952-471Twin Cities
952-472Twin Cities
952-473Twin Cities
952-474Twin Cities
952-475Twin Cities
952-476Twin Cities
952-479Twin Cities
952-484Twin Cities
952-486Twin Cities
952-487Twin Cities
952-491Twin Cities
952-492Twin Cities
952-495Twin Cities
952-496Twin Cities
952-500Twin Cities9/1/2009
952-512Twin Cities
952-513Twin Cities
952-516Twin Cities
952-520Twin Cities4/9/2020
952-522Twin Cities2/10/2020
952-525Twin Cities
952-529Twin Cities8/18/2015
952-540Twin Cities
952-541Twin Cities
952-542Twin Cities
952-543Twin Cities
952-544Twin Cities
952-545Twin Cities
952-546Twin Cities
952-548Twin Cities
952-556Twin Cities
952-562Twin Cities
952-563Twin Cities
952-564Twin Cities
952-567Twin Cities
952-582Twin Cities
952-583Twin Cities11/16/2006
952-591Twin Cities
952-592Twin Cities10/13/2020
952-593Twin Cities
952-594Twin Cities
952-595Twin Cities
952-600Twin Cities7/13/2020
952-601Twin Cities
952-607Twin Cities
952-608Twin Cities
952-641Twin Cities
952-645Twin Cities
952-646Twin Cities
952-649Twin Cities
952-652Twin Cities
952-653Twin Cities
952-656Twin Cities
952-657Twin Cities
952-658Twin Cities
952-666Twin Cities11/1/2012
952-674Twin Cities1/29/2001
952-679Twin Cities
952-681Twin Cities
952-683Twin Cities
952-686Twin Cities
952-687Twin Cities
952-688Twin Cities
952-693Twin Cities
952-697Twin Cities
952-698Twin Cities
952-703Twin Cities
952-707Twin Cities
952-715Twin Cities5/13/2008
952-736Twin Cities
952-737Twin Cities
952-738Twin Cities
952-742Twin Cities
952-745Twin Cities
952-746Twin Cities
952-758New Prague
952-767Twin Cities10/8/2001
952-769Twin Cities
952-797Twin Cities
952-806Twin Cities
952-807Twin Cities
952-808Twin Cities
952-809Twin Cities
952-814Twin Cities
952-818Twin Cities10/6/2006
952-820Twin Cities
952-826Twin Cities
952-828Twin Cities
952-829Twin Cities
952-830Twin Cities
952-831Twin Cities
952-832Twin Cities
952-833Twin Cities
952-835Twin Cities
952-836Twin Cities
952-837Twin Cities
952-838Twin Cities
952-841Twin Cities
952-842Twin Cities
952-843Twin Cities
952-844Twin Cities
952-846Twin Cities
952-847Twin Cities
952-848Twin Cities
952-851Twin Cities
952-852Twin Cities
952-853Twin Cities
952-854Twin Cities
952-855Twin Cities
952-856Twin Cities
952-857Twin Cities
952-858Twin Cities
952-873Twin Cities
952-876Twin Cities
952-881Twin Cities
952-882Twin Cities
952-883Twin Cities
952-884Twin Cities
952-885Twin Cities
952-886Twin Cities
952-887Twin Cities
952-888Twin Cities
952-890Twin Cities
952-891Twin Cities
952-892Twin Cities
952-893Twin Cities
952-894Twin Cities
952-895Twin Cities
952-896Twin Cities
952-897Twin Cities
952-898Twin Cities
952-900Twin Cities12/2/2019
952-901Twin Cities
952-903Twin Cities
952-905Twin Cities
952-906Twin Cities
952-907Twin Cities
952-908Twin Cities
952-909Twin Cities
952-912Twin Cities
952-913Twin Cities
952-914Twin Cities
952-915Twin Cities
952-917Twin Cities
952-918Twin Cities
952-920Twin Cities
952-921Twin Cities
952-922Twin Cities
952-923Twin Cities3/15/2010
952-924Twin Cities
952-925Twin Cities
952-926Twin Cities
952-927Twin Cities
952-928Twin Cities
952-929Twin Cities
952-930Twin Cities
952-931Twin Cities
952-932Twin Cities
952-933Twin Cities
952-934Twin Cities
952-935Twin Cities
952-936Twin Cities
952-937Twin Cities
952-938Twin Cities
952-939Twin Cities
952-941Twin Cities
952-942Twin Cities
952-943Twin Cities
952-944Twin Cities
952-945Twin Cities
952-946Twin Cities
952-947Twin Cities
952-948Twin Cities
952-949Twin Cities
952-953Twin Cities
952-955Twin Cities
952-956Twin Cities
952-960Twin Cities
952-967Twin Cities
952-974Twin Cities
952-975Twin Cities
952-977Twin Cities7/1/2011
952-979Twin Cities
952-980Twin Cities
952-983Twin Cities
952-984Twin Cities
952-985Twin Cities
952-988Twin Cities
952-992Twin Cities
952-993Twin Cities
952-994Twin Cities
952-995Twin Cities
952-996Twin Cities
952-997Twin Cities
952-999Twin Cities9/10/2012
  1. Numbering Plan Areas (area codes) are NPAs, while central office codes are NXXs.
  2. For ‘Area served’ we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  3. If there is no date listed, the exchange code was assigned before 2001.

List of Cities in Area Code 952

Looking to find out what cities are in your area code 952 ? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of major cities and their corresponding area codes. Whether you’re looking to relocate or just curious, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

So without further ado, let’s get started! We’ve compiled a list of every city in the 952 area code with the corresponding phone number. We hope you find this information helpful!

Belle PlaineScottC
Crystal BayHennepinC
Eden PrairieHennepinC
Long LakeHennepinC
Minnetonka BeachHennepinC
New GermanyCarverC
New MarketScottC
New PragueScottC
Norwood Young AmericaCarverC
Prior LakeScottC
Spring ParkHennepinC
St BonifaciusHennepinC
Young AmericaCarverC
  1. The table above lists many, but not all, of the places served by area code 952. If there are two or more places with the same name in the same state, we list the largest one only. Cities with populations over 50,000 are given bold text.
  2. Currently, it is 10:13:29 AM Central Time.

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