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We are the world leader in providing navigational technology using the best hardware and software. We provide GPS devices for cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs and motorcycles. With our maps technology, you are always safe while driving. First things you would need to do after purchasing a TomTom GPS device is to register with the server. Use your email address to register the device by visiting TomTom GetStarted. Here, you can download TomTom Home which helps in updating maps and software. After the software is downloaded, transfer it to the GPS device and you are ready to use the device.

If you want to update maps and software or want to get new maps and services you can do it with TomTom GetStarted. To see if there is an update available for your device connect the GPS with the computer or a secured WiFi connection. Touch “update my device”. First, you need to install TomTom Home on your computer for updating the device. The software has two versions, i.e., one for Windows computer and the other one for the Mac computer. Download the program according to your computer’s OS.

TomTom map update
  • Before trying to download the software, ensure that your device is not connected with the computer.
  • Type in the URL bar or the search box “TomTom GetStarted”.
  • Click on the relevant results.

You can download all the maps, get new services from our site. We provide a one-stop destination for all your navigational needs. If you want to download new maps and have any issues with map download, contact our GPS experts for help.

TomTom Rider: For your next adventure

Find the most exciting road for your next motorcycle adventure. Avoid boring straight roads and ride on some challenging windy and hilly roads. Choose the levels according to your riding experience. Tomtom rider will provide you with the best route for adrenaline-fuelled fun.

Road Trips

You get hand-picked routes with every TomTom Rider device. Routes ranging from windy coastal roads to hilly mountain roads. Stop and take a moment to admire the beauty with scenic stops along the way.

TomTom Updates
TomTom Updates

Route Planning

Easily plan and edit your route for that perfect ride. You can customize waypoints, hilliness level, roundtrip options or choose a different route for the return. Send the route to the device using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Smartphone Messages

Never miss any important message while riding with “smartphone messages”. Use the read aloud feature so that you are always focused on the road.

TomTom Updates
TomTom Go

Roundtrip Planning

Use this device feature to leave the route planning on the GPS device. It shows routes according to your riding level and helps you discover new routes.

Smart Screen

The screen on every Rider model is built by keeping motorcyclists in mind. You don’t have to remove the gloves while using the device. Choose from heavy and light gloves modes.

TomTom Go
TomTom Go

Intelligent Traffic

Avoid slow traffic and jams with intelligent routing technology. Know delay points beforehand and plan your route accordingly. Get rerouting options according to your location.

Speed Cameras

Get timely alerts when you are near a speed camera, traffic lights, school zones, animal crossings, etc.

TomTom Go
TomTom Go Regularly

Bluetooth Handsfree

Connect the device with the phone using Bluetooth and use it for making and receiving hands-free calls.

We publish regular map updates for every TomTom Rider, contact us for map & software updates.

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