TomTom Map Updates

TomTom Map Updates: Smooth Driving, Safe Navigation

We deliver an intuitive and reliable navigation software which makes your driving blissful. Our GPS devices are rugged, sophisticated, full of features and cost-effective. We are the number one choice of people and top automobile manufacturers around the globe. We have built on decades of experience by refining our devices with every iteration. We understand the needs of the drivers. It is not only about manufacturing a great device but it is also about providing great service and customer satisfaction. Understanding this concept fully, we publish regular TomTom map updates.

TomTom map update

We make sure that you always have the latest maps and software. Our powerful servers located all over the world deliver new map data continually. It helps in a fast refresh of search information and online routing. If the server load is more then it switches seamlessly to the off-line mode for providing precise navigation without glitches. You don’t have to click anything while driving.

TomTom online community is growing day-by-day with. Around 600 million device users are active daily. We use the data from GPS devices and smartphone apps to improve our navigational technology. We also use the updated data for sending live updates and warnings.

Updating the device gives

  • New maps & software
  • Faster route calculations
  • Smoother performance
  • Added POIs

We recommend all the users to regularly update the device for the most efficient experience. If you’re having any issues with map and software updates, contact our GPS experts.

TomTom Updates

TomTom Go

Always reach your destination on time safely with TomTom Go. The device has an in-built street-level map and traffic guidance system which helps you reach the destination faster. It opens the door of thrill every time for you. Buy from various models according to your needs. The device is available in four variants namely Go Basic, Go Essential, Go Premium and Go Premium X.

TomTom Go

All these devices come with accurate traffic data helping your plan your route accordingly. The data is updated real-time from millions of drivers around the globe. Choose the best route as per your likings. It shows routes like the fastest, the most efficient or you can also choose the most fuel-efficient route.

Get timely speed cameras alerts to avoid heavy fines. Additionally, it sends alerts when you’re driving near a school zone, animal crossing, traffic light. Download the app on your smartphone for last-mile navigation.

Connect the device with Bluetooth and use it for making and receiving hands-free calls. Read out-loud text messages from your phone with the text-to-speech feature. Control your device using voice commands, it understands more than 1 thousand voice commands.

  • Bright sunlight-readable screen
  • Street-level maps
  • Traffic guidance system
  • Timely alerts
  • Voice commands
  • Handsfree Bluetooth

Update your TomTom Go regularly for the best navigational experience. If you are having any issue with device updates, contact our executives.

TomTom Go Regularly

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