Tomtom Trucker GPS

Tomtom Trucker GPS: Plan, Drive and Deliver

Get the most out of your driving time with TomTom trucker GPS devices. Our trucker device combines intelligent trucking routes and traffic updates helping you save time. Leave the route planning on the device, enter your truck’s size, weight, load and it will show you the best route. You get all the important information about road height, bridge & overpass height and commercial carrying restrictions. With a trucker GPS device, you will never go on a road restricted for large vehicles.

Drive on the right road

You will receive customized routes according to your vehicle’s size, weight, speed and cargo type. We are all about making your travels more efficient. Get the most accurate estimated arrival time eliminating the need to guess.

Drive on the right road
Drive on the right road

Plan your trips

Save your valuable time by pre-planning the trip route. You can do this from anywhere using MyDrive. Synchronize the device with WiFi or a computer and get the routes directly on your device.

Latest Map

Always drive with the latest map with Lifetime map updates without paying extra. We understand the needs of our trucking community, we provide four map updates a year. With the latest updates, you will avoid unwanted surprises along the way.

Latest Map
Latest Map

Traffic updates

Reach your destination on time by being ahead of the traffic. Get timely alerts for events which can hinder your travel. Additionally, you get speed alerts, traffic camera alerts which helps in avoiding expensive tickets.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your truck GPS with the phone using Bluetooth. Use it to make and receive hands-free calls. Always keep your eyes fixed on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth Connectivity

Truck-friendly POIs

Understanding the needs of large commercial vehicles, you get truck-friendly points of interests. These POIs range from motels, restaurants, rest stops, highway fuel stations and much more.

We recommend all the truck GPS users to update your device with the latest map and software. If you are having any issues with the device update, contact us.

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TomTom Trucker 6000 GPS

It is a wide 6-inch screen device with a highly-sensitive and durable screen. The device has inbuilt truck navigation maps of 45 European countries. In addition to the maps update, you will get 1 year of traffic updates and three-months speed camera updates. With the lifetime map update, you will get four-map updates in a year. You will drive with the latest map for the working life of the device.

TomTom Trucker

The truck dedicated maps help in getting the maximum out of your travel. Enter your truck dimensions, weight and it will show the route accordingly. With this device, you won’t be travelling on restricted roads and over speed. You can plan your route from the office, including multi-stop routes. With the customizable POIs, you can add your favourite rest and fuel stops.

With the “real-time” traffic information, you will always be ahead of the slow traffic and jams. The device provides different routes depending upon your driving habits and outside conditions. Choose the route according to your likings.
When you are having trouble updating your GPS device, contact our GPS experts.

  • 6-inch screen
  • Western Europe Map
  • 1-year traffic information
  • Truck POIs
  • Speed camera alerts
TomTom Trucker 6000 GPS

TomTom Trucker 6250 GPS

It is a 6-inch widescreen device with a detailed street-level dedicated truck map of Europe. Always drive on the correct route without worrying about going on some restricted roads or driving over the speed limit. Enter the vehicle size, type of cargo, weight and leave the rest upon the device for providing the correct route. It gives you live traffic information with the in-built SIM. Our company understands that commercial drivers are always on the move and they don’t have access to a computer most of the time. So, we have provided a built-in WiFi for updating maps and software.

TomTom Trucker

Connect the device with the phone using Bluetooth and use it for making and receiving calls. You can also use it for reading out loud incoming messages. The device will prompt you to take rest when you are driving it for a long time. It has a database of 50,000 POIs which are large vehicle-friendly. The POIs are collected from all over the web from popular social media sites.

TomTom Trucker 6000 GPS

We provide regular map updates for keeping all the users updated with changes in roads, addresses and speed regulations. If you are having any difficulty regarding maps or software updates, contact our GPS experts.

  • 6-inch widescreen
  • European truck map
  • In-built WiFi
  • 50,000 truck-friendly POIs
  • Live traffic updates

TomTom XXL Map Update

Outsmart the traffic and other delays with TomTom XXL map update, get Live traffic information with the latest update. XXL automatically recalculates trip time and suggests alternate routes taking into account your location, driving habits and time of the day. We have the largest database of more than 7-million Points of interest ranging from restaurants, hotels to Banks, ATMs, hospitals, fuel stations. Visit these places by clicking once, check the ratings before visiting.

Map Share update

About 18-percent of the country’s roads change each year. We keep all the users updated with all the changes going around. You can update the device daily or as per your convenience.

Help Me

This feature helps you to travel with peace of mind. You are never away from any emergency services like hospitals, medical stores, police stations. Reach the nearest emergency services with one-touch.

Advanced Lane Guidance

You will always drive in the correct lane with advanced lane guidance. It shows the lane in a bright coloured arrow. The photorealistic view prepares you for the upcoming complex intersections.

Street Names

Get street names in a loud and clear voice, you won’t miss any address. Connect the device with Bluetooth for safe driving.

Update your TomTom XXL with the latest map and software for the best navigational experience.

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